UnderGround Portland Legend

1989: Thermonuclear Org*sm || Guitarist (punk) Roger Forbish Drums, Kenn Gibney Guitar, Ama Bentley Bass, Stevens A. Dustin Vocals
1995: Junkman's Otter || Founder, Drums (Alt Rock) SK Drums, Stevens A. Dustin (Vocals), Jason (bass), Ken Adamson (Guitar)
1996: Hundred Dollar Biscuit || Founder (Variety) SKG Vox/eDrums/Bass/Guitar, Jason Henneman Vox/Guitar/Bass/Vox
1997: Paradigm/Just Varnish || Drums (punk) SKG Drums, Justin Stimson Guitar/Vox, K.C. Stimson Bass
1999: LogosEye || Founder, Drums (PNW rock) Kenn Gibney Drums, Markus Fagliano (Vocals), Todd 'GuitOdd' Holzman Guitar, Mike Light Bass
2000: DeadRedHead || Drums (Industrial Metal) SuperKenn Drums, ToddB Guitar/Vocals, YMike Bass, Gatt Guitar/Vox
2000: Perfect In Plastic || Founder, (Alt Hip-Hop Fusion Rock) SuperKenn Vocals/Programming/Guitar/Sampling, ToddB Guitar/Vox/Programming/Bass, David Ball Bass, MistaKris Vocals, John 'Gooch' Gallucci Lights and Fog
2005: Miserabilia/Wrath of Khan/Chaos Kings || Founder, Bass (Metal) Tracy Finck Drums, SuperKenn Bass/Vocals, ToddB Guitar/Vocals, Brad McCray Vocals
2005: TV:616 || Drums (Industrial Metal) Brian Lehfeldt/SuperKenn Drums, Keith Brown Guitar, KONG Bass, Scott Vocals
2007-Current: MC SuperKenn || Solo, Vocals, Writer (Alt Hip-Hop)
2016: Fairly Tight (Hip-Hop) Founder, Drums/Vox, 'DJ' Craigger Hall Vinyl Tables/Vox, Evan 'E-Money/Muzzy Hamilton' Carter Vox, Mike Light Bass, Tom 'Tsk-Tsk' Kordowski Keys, Recorder, Dollar Store Toys
2020-Current: Get Down Jones || Drums (straight blues) Barney Murnin Guitar/Vocals, SuperKenn Drums, John Bass, Joe Guitar, Greg Harmonica, Melissa Vocals, Keys


Broken Now Is Everything 1999

SuperKenn and GuitOdd Holzman founded LogosEye in 1998. SK pestered Todd until he finally caved in and bought an electric guitar and amp on his lunch break one day. The got together in Todd's basement in SE Portland, and jammed with SuperKenn on the drums, and GuitOdd on his new Squier Strat. After going through all of the friends they could think of for vocals and bass, Kenn and Todd finally placed ads in the ROCKET, and the OREGONIAN and found Vocalist Markus Faliano and Bassist Mike Light. The band was part of a killer live music scene in Portland at the time that is indescribable to those who weren't a part of it. They debuted at the LEGENDARY CLUB SATYRICON, playing the same stage as many of their musical heroes. The band had a quick rise to fame in its initial incarnation, but that crashed and burned in grand fashion. After the breakup of the initial lineup, SuperKenn went on to play live drums for Industrial Rock Group DeadRedHead. LogosEye went on for another decade with a new singer/guitarist and drummer.

This album was recorded and mixed in April 1999 at GAS House Recordings.

Engineered by Gary A. Schroeder
Produced by Mike Krum

Release date:

12 May 1999



Crazy Brains

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