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The SK Story

Proud husband of Pacific Northwest Artist/Author LeeAnne Gibney, the couple have 3 children together, and just celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary in August of 2020. They often collaborate on projects, whether it's shooting a music video, writing children's books, or conceptualizing an album cover.

Rappin' since 1978. Guitar since '85. Drummin since '88. Vocals since '89.

SuperKenn has been involved in all things music related for as long as he can remember back. He is 100% self-taught on the drums, never having had a lesson. "I was 15 years old, and some high school friends of mine were playing music in a basement in S.E. Portland. After listening for a short time, I walked up to the drums, sat down, and started playing. The drummer, a friend of mine was bummed. He looked dejected, and told me that I was a natural."

SK is a rollercoaster enthusiast, and has ridden over 130 DIFFERENT RollerCoasters in over EIGHT States (Washington, Oregon, California, Ohio, Idaho, Texas, Nevada, Florida). MANY of these are/were WORLD RECORD HOLDERS for Height, Speed, Drop, Number of inversions, etc. "I absolutely LOVE rollercoasters! My Aunt Sharon got me started on them when I was around 8 years old. I would visit my family down in San Juan Capistrano CA in the summertime, hitching a ride down to SoCal from Portland with my Mom's trucker friends. It's a cool memory to have traveled that way back then all down the West Coast. I had a fear of heights, but when I rode my first BIG coaster (VIPER) I was HOOKED, and I KNEW IT!"

SK spent the next DECADE from 1996 to 2006 riding as many rollercoasters in the United States as possible. Full Track Record coming soon.

SK started working at 15 years old at a local Mom and Pop video store called ALLEN VIDEO in SE Portland. He stayed in video rental for a few years, going from ALLEN VIDEO to BLOCKBUSTER to HOLLYWOOD. A friend that he met in Lake Oswego while working as an Assistant Manager started a Custom Sublimated Team Clothing company in 1994 called BLiK, and invited SuperKenn to come and work as the graphic artist for them. "This was 1994. We were using a computer running the stunningly not great Windows 3.1, shooting graphics to film with an actual FILM CAMERA, and hand-cutting Rubylith and Amberlith with an X-Acto knife. I did this 8-10 hours a day. Everyone there remembers when I nearly cut the end of my left thumb OFF with a carpet knife while cutting down some clay-coated sublimation papers. I cut it to the bone, and there was a LOT of blood!"

From 1995-2007 SuperKenn was the Marking Department Manager for East Side Plating, heading up Chemical Etching, Pad Printing, and most interestingly, two 75-watt Q-Switched YAG laser machines. Following ESP, SK spent some time working at Applied Laser Technology (ALT) and Micron Laser Technology (MLT). MLT had a very large, diverse facility that housed over 30 different lasers including Yag, CO2, UV, Fiber and hybrid.

"I worked in Data Forensics at FIOS for a couple of years. I was Chain of Custody authorized, handling very sensitive evidence for lawsuits involving Fortune 50 companies in The Pittock Building." It is here that SuperKenn began writing his first solo music after Perfect In Plastic disbanded. "This was a very high stress, tight deadline position, in a cutthroat company."

From 2018 to 2020 SK got a position at Inner Sound as the Ops Manager. Inner Sound deals with Hi-Fi Audio and Pro Gear repair, so it was a good fit, skill set-wise. These two years solidified SK's position as not only a hi-fi audio enthusiast, but also an audio expert in his own right. "I've done live sound, lighting, engineered MANY studio recordings, performed for over 30 years on every instrument at many clubs and venues, mixed, mastered, critically listened, troubleshot, setup, etc."

During all of this time working in various industries, SK also founded bands, performed, recorded at home and in the studio (sometimes 3 musical projects at a time), raised 3 children, created and maintained several77 websites, booked shows, did freelance graphic design, went through a long period with a severe, permanent life-altering chronic pain injury, written, recorded and performed over 100 original hip-hop songs, performed at West Coast clubs on the mic, the bass, the guitar, the drums, etc.



SuperKenn: LogosEye Founder/Drummer. Album Cover BROKEN NOW IS EVERYTHING

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